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Project Description
These ASP.NET providers for Membership, Roles and Profiles are valuable during development, debugging and testing due to the ease of creating, removing and changing users, user roles, etc.

Developers and testers can quickly and easily create new users, create new roles, assign roles to users, etc. They can just as quickly remove user roles, delete users, delete roles, change passwords, etc.

This project also provides useful providers which are able to combine other providers. The OrMembershipProvider, for example, provides logical OR functionality for two MembershipProviders. This capability can be useful during development and testing by combining the ConfigFileMembershipProvider and the PermitAllMembershipProvider - which results in an overall membership provider which never denies login. If the user logs in and ConfigFileMembershipProvider is able to validate their credentials, they are allowed to continue. If the password is wrong, however, the second provider, PermitAllMembershipProvider, allows them to continue anyway. Obviously, this is not appropriate behavior for production systems, but it can save a great deal of time during the overall development process. As development continues, the types of providers should become more strict. The DenyAllRolesProvider is a good example of a pluggable Role Provider which can expose role membership-related bugs.

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